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Breathe with Ease: Enjoy The Miracle of Clear Airways for Respiratory Harmony

Healing Session Date & Time:

24th June | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST

In this exclusive session you will:

  • Discover the UNDERLYING emotion we hold in our lungs!
  • Learn the ancient ORIGINS of RESPIRATORY challenges!
  • Identify the area in the BRAIN CAUSING DIZZINESS… it’s not what you think it is!
  • Find out what CAUSES Pain and Puffiness in the FACE!
  • Uncover the UNKNOWN ISSUES of our tongue and UNKNOWN SET of tonsils located!
  • And much, much MORE…

Magical Stories

What Virginia's Clients Are Saying

"During the group sessions my lungs cleared completely from scale 6 to 0 and I feel lighter and easy to breath now.

Rose Delic

"My cough was a 9 before and is now a 2. Trachea was 8, now 0. Sinuses, right nostril was blocked and was a 2, now 0. Lungs are clear, my throat was a 2, now 0. Virginia even checked our brain stem and brain and frontal cortex. All good and clear for me!"


"I noticed better breathing, no nose drips or behind the nose drip, no difficulty in breathing a full breath without coughing or tiring. I have also not had any dizzy spells since beginning the sessions with Virginia."


"My sinuses are much better than when we started: moving from an 8 or 9 to about a 3 at this time. My right ear felt so much better by the end of class, from about an 8 to a 2


About Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Light Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, Past, Present & Future Life Practitioner & Trainer

Einstein told us everything is energy and we understand that the Zero Point Field has Infinite Possibilities - this is the field I work in.

Most people have no understanding of how energy plays a vital role in their lives; resulting in a life lived in the flow of infinite possibilities or in a life obstructed at every turn.

I transform and transmute those energies from negative to positive, in the environment, personal energy fields, physical bodies and any other areas needed, bringing balance and harmony where needed.

Through the magic of the internet, I touch the lives of thousands of people globally.