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An Embodied Ascension Accelerator to Amplify Your Presence, Power, and Purpose

Healing Session Date & Time:

15th May | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST

Are you ready to awaken your intuitive gifts, anchor into your soul's vision, and embody your highest truth?

Join Sydney Campos, Visionary, Energy Expert, and Best-Selling Author, for a transformative live session that will attune you to new dimensions of abundance, prosperity, ease, and flow.

In this exclusive session you will discover:

  • Crystallize your visions, dreams, and intentions
  • Expand your receptivity and capacity to anchor and sustain desires
  • Cleanse stagnant old energies as you ignite stronger magnetism and radiance
  • Connect with soul family to share prayers and visions for the worlds and experiences you wish existed
  • Attune to new dimensions of abundance, prosperity, ease and flow


Experience Embodied Ascension Firsthand

As a special gift for attending the live interview, you'll have the extraordinary opportunity to experience Sydney's transformative work firsthand:

  • Participate in an energy healing meditation and attunements for grounding, nervous system support, and amplifying your intuitive abilities
  • Engage in a guided practice to anchor into your soul's vision, attune to your deepest desires, and embody your truth
  • Co-create, play, and express with fellow visionaries, amplifying your collective field of manifestation and magnetism

These bonuses are exclusively available to live attendees, so make sure to mark your calendar and join us for this transformative event.

Don't miss your chance to awaken your intuitive gifts, strengthen your connection with Source, and embody your highest potential.

Join us for Embodied Ascension and become the technology you've been waiting for!

Magical Stories

What Sydney's Clients Are Saying

“Sydney's guidance has been liberating, helping me face fears, overcome challenges, and step into my power. Her support has led to massive breakthroughs and a profound sense of personal truth.”


"Through working with Sydney, I've experienced incredible vitality, self-love, and confidence. I've healed deeply, created a thriving coaching practice, attracted my soulmate, and overcome lifelong health challenges.”


“Sydney's program is perfect for developing a highly conscious, intuitive healing arts practice. The meditations, content, and 1:1 sessions provided powerful insights and helped me discover my unique offering.”


"Sydney's energetic security creates a sacred space for restoring self-trust and attuning to easeful navigation. Her guidance helps me return to my authentic self and shed layers of non-self with joy and evolution.”


About Sydney

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Energy Expert, Strategy and Innovation Advisor, Transformational Facilitator, and Best-Selling Author of "The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything" (2018) and "I'm Ascending, Now What?" (2023). She is the Founder of Akashic Facilitator Training and Lead Instructor of the Embodied Ascension Academy.

Sydney's unique approach combines:

  1. Quantum healing transmissions to support mind, body, spirit, and soul coherence
  2. Guided energy healing journeys for deep nourishment and high-frequency attunement
  3. Somatic healing and embodied movement techniques to attune the body and field to receptivity and ease
  4. Akashic Records guidance and quantum energy transmissions to cleanse and purify what no longer serves

As a sought-after expert in embodiment, conscious business, intuition, and leadership, Sydney has guided visionaries worldwide to embody their true selves, powerfully live their purpose, and pioneer the worlds they wish existed. Her work has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow, and New York Magazine.