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The Vibrational Vortex: 52 Weeks to Energetic Rebirth

Healing Session Date & Time:

22nd May | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will awaken your soul, heal your being, and unlock the abundance of the Universe?

Join Jarrad Hewett, the best-selling author, multi-dimensional energy expert, and catalyst for high-level vibrational change, for an immersive and life-changing webinar, "The Vibrational Vortex."

In this pivotal time for Creation, Jarrad will guide you to maintain a space of Good Vibes and Supportive Energies, allowing you to ride the waves of your truest and deepest desires and experience a life of True Peace, Connection, Wholeness, and Deep Love.

In this exclusive session you will discover:

  • Embody the Divine and awaken to new beginnings, choices, perspectives, and awareness
  • Fill yourself with the Divine Energies of Love, Flow, and Support
  • Shift your reality and live your dreams, fully supported in these new times
  • Tap into your Internal Powerhouse and THRIVE, easily and effortlessly
  • Change your dominant vibration by changing your frequency, attracting positive emotions and experiences


Amplify Your Vibration: Immersive Practices for All Stages of Awakening

This transformational energy is open to EVERYONE, whether you're just beginning your journey or have been on the path for years.

Now is the time to create a space for yourself to access these powerful tools and manifest your Truest and Deepest Desires!

BONUS: Interactive Elements

  • 1-1 mini personal scans and clearings
  • GROUP PROCESS 1: Accepting Flow and Love
  • GROUP PROCESS 2: I am Forgiven
  • GROUP PROCESS 3: Cleansing Myself of Collective Beliefs

Through these immersive experiences, you'll release fears, shed limiting beliefs, and embrace the energies of purity, wholeness, and Sovereign Self.

Magical Stories

What Jarrad's Clients Are Saying

"I've been a Reiki practitioner and energy healer for years, and just three minutes into this first track felt like I'd just experienced hours of healing work! Totally amazing!!"


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I am now living life instead of just existing.....Forever grateful and grinning from ear to ear"


"I have done years of work in this field and have never ever so profoundly and quickly shifted so much in my life. Trust me it will be the greatest investment you can take for yourself and for those you love around you. Your life can be all you want it to be - I'm experiencing this myself first hand because of this program - and I know you can too!"


"All my fields....emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, energetic...felt amazingly calm, peaceful, balanced, harmonized, and centered... that feeling & state, of being in Divine Flow with everything around you! Thank you bunches Jarrad!"


About Jarrad

Jarrad Hewett is the best-selling author of Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation as well as the co-author of the International #1 Best Seller, The Big E — Everything is Energy. Jarrad is a multi-dimensional energy expert who specializes in visionary teaching and remote healing energy work that allows reconnection and healing at every level of being. He is a bridger of consciousness, an awakener of souls, and a catalyst for high level vibrational change that has brought about quantum growth, abundance, healing, and instantaneous change and manifestation in the lives of millions of clients across the globe. 

The transformational energy he channels brings about change that goes far beyond the 3D 'reality' and opens the self up to its truest and most connected experience of knowing Divine love at every level of being. His natural abilities to see and transmute all forms of energy have helped him bring about the highest forms of planetary evolution and spiritual awakening in the world today.

Jarrad has been heard on virtually every major network in America, including FOX, ABC, CMT, HGTV and more. His newest USA Today Best-Selling Book, The Answer Is Energy: A 30 Day Guide to Creating Your Ideal Life, Embracing True Abundance, and Knowing Your Worth From Within is available in stores and online now.

Don't miss this opportunity to step into the Vibrational Vortex and experience the transformative energy that has brought about quantum growth, abundance, healing, and instantaneous change in the lives of millions across the globe.

Join Jarrad Hewett and activate the Love, Miracles, Money, and Energy Support that awaits you!