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From Black Sheep to Starseed and Beyond:

Embody Your Cosmic Self and Heal Your Life

Healing Session Date & Time:

19th June | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST

Are you the black sheep of the family or just the black sheep wherever you go?

Have you been burdened with self-doubt, yet deep down you know you have the potential to achieve so much more in life?

If you've always known that you can heal your health challenges and become that unique healer yourself, then this transformative live call with Jade-Yin Hom is precisely what you need!

Join us for an enlightening session where Jade-Yin, a medical and dental intuitive and light alchemist with over 22 years of experience, will guide you on a journey to embody your Cosmic Self and heal your life.

Discover how Starseeds and Asteroids serve as energy portals containing archetypal stories, wisdom, and healing frequencies that can support you in transforming your reality.

In this exclusive session you will:

  • Learn your Starseed Light Language and begin the journey of self-healing and personal empowerment
  • Understand how your body may hold traumas from past generations that are holding you back, and how to transform them to thrive beyond reason
  • Discover how 12 Starseed and 44 Asteroid activations can make you limitless, with the entire Cosmos supporting you to heal your past and create your best future
  • Learn how Starseeds and Asteroids are energy portals with archetypal stories, wisdom and healing frequencies that can support you to transform your reality.


Mini 1-1's with Jade and Process to Activate Your Starseed Light Language!

As a special bonus for live attendees, Jade will be offering mini-healings and a group activation: Activating one’s Starseed Light Language!

Jade-Yin's unique approach goes beyond making you responsible for everything, to having everything in life respond in your favor by giving you access to the energies, wisdom, and healing frequencies from Starseeds and Asteroids.

Through light alchemy and laughter, you'll transform hidden loyalties to family and tribe that have held you back, release intergenerational traumas, and feel excited about life again.

Don't miss this opportunity to awaken the energies within the Universe of You, enlarging your perspective and access to greater potentials and possibilities.

Join us and take the first step towards healing your past, breaking free from limitations, and embodying your Cosmic Self to create the life you truly deserve.

Magical Stories

What Jade's Clients Are Saying

"Jade-Yin is a true gift. Her work has helped me step into my highest self.”

Maria G.

"I can actually feel the energies moving through me in such a tangible way thanks to Jade-Yin's activations."

Bert W.

"Since working with Jade-Yin, I've experienced profound healing of my thyroid, pancreas, candida and other issues. I was able to stop taking 6 supplements after just one session!"

Renee E., Denver

"Before Jade-Yin's session my issues like endometriosis and Lyme disease were a 10/10. Afterwards they were only a 3/10. I feel much calmer and more self-aware now.”

Jana, Prague

About Jade Hom

Jade-Yin Hom, medical and dental intuitive, light alchemist, has over 22 years of experience in health care and alternative healing. Her work is a cosmic stream of intuition flowing into a confluence of science and spirituality, igniting breakthroughs, kindling hope and sparking new possibilities. She innovates energy healing processes to address eyesight, teeth and pain issues. Her clients often speak of her ability to work with the minute details of a cell as well as the bigger patterns across generations and cultures that impact a person’s well-being. 

In her journey, Jade-Yin learned energy alchemy to heal herself of an autoimmune disorder and depression that stemmed from Complex-PTSD. Her Spirit Guides gifted her with the ability to re-imprint high vibration states of being to empower her to overcome helplessness and poverty consciousness. These experiences gave her the courage to follow her own knowing while facilitating others on their healing journey. 

On the second day of Christmas in 2019 Jade-Yin received a spontaneous light language activation while taking a bath. Since then, she has been able to activate the light language abilities in others (not while taking a bath)! Through light language Jade-Yin channels healing sounds that support her clients to remember wholeness and connect with their starseed origins. 

Jade-Yin continues her exploration of consciousness at King’s College London by working on a Master’s Degree in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. She invites you to co-create a world where everyone enjoys sovereignty, health and wild aliveness so that together we can weave grace and joy into the fabric of the world.