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Quantum You: A Portal to Unlock Your Multidimensional Self and Align with the Cosmic Codes of Creation

Healing Session Date & Time:

24th April | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST

Are you ready to step into the Quantum Age and discover who you are becoming?

Do you feel a deep yearning to unlock your hidden powers and create meaningful change in your life?

What if you could access the secrets of your subconscious and conscious patterns as a Quantum Being?

Join Crystal Randhir Priya, a Divine Minister, Energy Healer, and Founder of "Soul Creative Academy," for a groundbreaking interview that will illuminate your path in the Quantum Age.

Crystal will share her latest channelings, revealing the transformative shifts occurring within us and guiding you to embrace your multidimensional self.

In this exclusive session you will discover:

  • Discover the essence of the Quantum Age and the incredible transformation it brings
  • Identify the crucial symptoms of becoming a Quantum Human and how to navigate this process
  • Learn about the changing colors of your chakras and their significance in your spiritual evolution
  • Uncover the hidden powers within you and learn how to harness them for a more fulfilling life
  • Understand the importance of aligning with the Laws of the Universe in this pivotal time


Quantum Activation and 1-1 Support with Crystal

Through profound insights, guided meditations, and powerful energy transmissions, Crystal will help you delve into your inner potential and unlock the secrets of your subconscious and conscious patterns.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of your journey as a Quantum Being and discover how to pave the way for a more authentic and purposeful existence.

Exclusive Live Attendee Bonuses:

1. Monadic Self Connection: Crystal will guide you through an extraordinary healing hypnotic process to connect you with your Monadic Self and activate a brand-new energy center that has been dormant until now. This profound experience will help you access new levels of spiritual awareness and potential.

2. New Chakra Exploration: You'll discover the name and function of a crucial new chakra responsible for your cells' memory of aging and the experience of fear and negative emotions. Crystal will provide insights on how to work with this chakra to transform your life.

3. One-on-One Emotion Clearing: As a special gift, Crystal will offer one-on-one calls to help participants identify the specific emotions that this new chakra can help neutralize, providing personalized guidance for emotional healing and balance.

Magical Stories

What Crystal's Clients Are Saying

"Crystal was able to accurately tap into my soul and get to the root cause of what needed shifting and clearing... in order to me to finally FEEL LOVE! She is an Angel."


"Crystal gave an amazing healing to my whole Family! I felt lighter right after the session, and still in awe...She was spot on from the get go."


“Thank you, Crystal for channeling the reason WHY my business wasn't successful. So many things now make sense! I'm so happy we've planned my next steps!"


"After this session with Crystal I am absolutely speechless and left in awe. I was able to recognize myself - the separation from earth as I often wonder where I was."


About Crystal Priya

Crystal Randhir Priya is a Divine Minister, Energy Healer, CEO and Founder of "Soul Creative Academy" at Deserve To Be Happy. She is a Transformational Mentor, Visionary, and International acknowledged Inspirational Leader.

As an ancient Egyptian Souls Matrix Decoder, psychic, and Transmedium Channeler, Crystal has been granted an unusual ancient knowledge to share with humanity for ascension and empowerment during these uneasy times.

Don't miss this opportunity to embrace your Quantum Self and align with the transformative energies of the Quantum Age.

Join Crystal Randhir Priya and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and multidimensional awakening.