Trauma-Free and Thriving in the Miracle Zone with SunDari

Live Session | 14th May 11 Am EST/8 AM PST

Say Hello to the Joyful, Abundant New You!

Are you struggling with the lingering effects of trauma, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or unhealthy relationships?

Join Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, internationally-acclaimed master healer and creator of the Frequency Formula and Source Field Activation, for a transformative live session that will help you break free from trauma patterns and step into a life of miracles.

In this exclusive session you will discover how to:

  • Stop the negative spiral of brain-based programming that energizes old trauma stories
  • Access Source Field Codes™ to shed hidden layers of trauma imprints holding you back
  • Understand and adapt your thought processes to silence controlling voices in your head
  • Learn to Flip Your Frequency instantly and unleash mind-bending miracles in every area of life
  • Harness the power of "Frequencies in a Bottle" to dissolve trauma wounds and supercharge your frequency

Special Bonus When YOu Attend This Transformational Session

Experience "The Miracle Zone" Firsthand

As a special gift for attending the live interview, you'll have the extraordinary opportunity to experience Clardy's transformative work firsthand.

  • Receive personalized mini energy scans and transmissions directly from Clardy, as she tunes into your unique frequency and delivers laser-like insights to help you break through your biggest obstacles.
  • Participate in a powerful 9-12 minute "Beyond Trauma and into the Oasis" activation, where you'll be guided on a journey to dissolve multiple layers of emotional and physical traumas, realign your frequency with the energies of Source Field Activation™, and fully embody the infinite possibilities of the New You. Prepare to emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace a life of miracles!

These bonuses are exclusively available to live attendees, so make sure to mark your calendar and join us for this transformative event.

Don't miss your chance to experience the life-changing power of Clardy's work and step into a reality of optimal health, abundant careers, and soul-fulfilling relationships.

Join us for "Trauma-Free and Thriving in the Miracle Zone" and say hello to the joyful, abundant new you!

Transformational Session Date & Time:

14th May | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST



Magical Stories

What SunDari's Clients Are Saying

“I shed 5lbs in the last few days of the replays implementing some small shifts” 


"I have already had such a huge shift with my body and come to greater healing and peace with it just from what I've learned during the masterclass” 


“I feel like I healed so much with my body going through the class and am for the first time in my life excited to go on the journey of being besties with it and knowing exactly what to do.” 


"I can see and feel a huge difference and have had big shifts” 


About SunDari

SunDari ~ The Alchemist of Light,  also known as Marci Lock, an Embodied Ascension Mentor, Life Mastery Alignment Guide, Transmitter of Light Codes, Author, TV Show Host, Musician and Spiritual Leader.

Her transformational offerings are shared with the world through her global mentorship programs, online courses, plant medicine & psychedelic retreats, book, podcasts, tv show & at “The Sanctuary of Light,” a training center of awakening consciousness in Bali offering transformational retreats & events, longevity wellness clinic, darkness immersions, music & tv studio production and community living. 

Her genius is taking you past education & into embodiment to a place of divine remembrance & knowing, integrating the codes of higher consciousness  into your daily life to create lasting change and to a divine life of mastery you absolutely love. 

SunDari reveals the truth within by operating from heart consciousness, activating Light DNA, and sharing the codes of divine remembrance, liberation, abundance, and wholeness for all humankind.

It isn’t education that changes your life; it’s embodiment.

SunDari invites you to travel within to transmute brokenness into bliss,  and alchemize suffering into your serenity.  Discover yourself as your own greatest teacher, healer and alchemist to release suffering and experience the peace that comes from choosing your freedom.  Peace is a choice, and infinite possibilities are available to you when you give yourself permission to live in joy, abundance, and from your divinity.

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