Accepting flow and Love

Most of us have not ever experienced “love on our terms,” or had a love so pure, in our lives, that we knew no matter what happens, we will not only be okay, but we will be loved, supported, and held in abunant blessings. Rather, we have experienced limited versions of "love" or what people have defined as love, and therefore, we hold resistance and blocks to receiving this love, as it is often conditional at best, and harmful and abusive, even deadly at worst.

Flow is a similar energy where we can often times close the metaphorical but quite real energetic walls and doors which allow us to grow and receive all we desire due to fears and uncertainties created by theconscious and unconscious minds. We have beliefs about what flow is, how it comes, what it triggers, and how it can or may be limited through our own thoughts, deeds, actions, or interactions with others.

This is the energy of total allowance and within that stillness, the washing away of fear and worry, as you drift into the still point of All That Is.

Allow your mind to calm, your body to relax, and your whole being to open so that you can not only begin to accept and receive the flow and love present, always, but to expand yourself into a space where you are able to easily integrate the wonderful changes to come, with each successive mp3.

I am Forgiven

You’ll notice that the “a” in “I am” is not capitalized within this track; that is because this works with healing and transforming the ego self – the self which provides identity and the illusion of separation. That “self” often holds back with regards to shining or receiving, and even asking or speaking up regarding what we want, due to past experiences, which can even be of other lifetimes.

This is the energy of wiping the slate clean. Whoever you’ve been, you no longer must be that person. Whatever actions you’ve taken or experienced from others, they no longer have to define you or create within you. You are not only free, you ARE Forgiven. There are no debts to pay, as you make the conscious choice to now operate from, with, as, and through complete Divine Love.

Cleansing Myself of Collective Beliefs

Much like the previous track, this is a beautiful foundational track for the next year or two, as it allows for one to truly BE their Sovereign Self, free from pressures, shifts, and changes, within the collective unconsciousness or energies arising from mass events and shifts within the planet.

This is the energy of purity of being… wholeness of Self… and releasing back into the Light all which is not of you from the most authentic space of being.

Use this track any time you feel like you’ve taken on any energy from the collective, including during periods of solar storms or lunar events.

This is an awesomely cleansing energy which can help stabilize and enhance the vibrations of joy, wisdom, discernment and joy, which then become the foundational energies with which you both create and attract, rather than the energies of fear and uncertainty which can be present in the collective itself, or in the energy systems of the people in your most immediate ecosphere and environment.