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I feel like you and all the other hosts and speakers are all here with me on this incredible journey

You and your series have truly touched my heart...I know exactly what you mean about how listening to them raised your vibration. I feel like you and all the other hosts and speakers are all here with me on this incredible journey. I think that my biggest revelations over this past year were about self-love and boundaries - concepts I had barely heard of before.

Lee anne

...Each call brings another layer of healing...

I just wanted to thank you personally for doing these tele-summit calls. Like you, I am healing along with these tele-summits through my soul transformation. Each call brings another layer of healing for me. Amazing! I'm SO very grateful to you for organizing and doing these tele-summits. I've been with you since last year and will stay with your tele-summits forever so keep up the good work! We healers around the world appreciate your hard work to bring healing to us! Love and blessings.

Suzanne Thibault

Been to an eye doctor to have tests done my pressure was very high this call invoked me to place my hands over my eyes back to normal levels

I am writing to say Thank You for sharing this powerful energy of love and healing! I listened to the show the other day and had a profound experience in many ways, on a physical level I had been to an eye doctor to have tests done for high optic nerve pressure a week ago after being told in April that my pressure was very high so I had started seeing a specialist because Glaucoma runs in my family history. During Tuesdays call I used the healing energy that this call invoked in me to place my hands on my eyes, Wed. I went and had my eye pressure tested again and it was back to normal levels. I also purchased the beautiful meditation package and am just amazed how lovingly powerful they have been for me each time I listen. The energy pulsating through my body or the deepest sense of release and relaxation only to be left with a profound feeling of empowerment and bliss. Thank you for sharing these gifts I am so grateful to you both! I feel truly blessed!...been to an eye doctor to have tests done my pressure was very high this call invoked me to place my hands over my eyes back to normal levels


Soul's transformation could not have begun without you...

This soul's transformation could not have begun to happen without you sent by Divine Love and Light. I am eternally grateful to the Ever present for knowing you, Eram, a kindred, beautiful and glorious manifestation of the All. Thank you for your help. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance to you and your kids!


Amazed at the shifts taking place most powerful series I have ever come across

I have been listening to and doing the clearing work from the replays of "From heartache to joy" and am absolutely amazed at the shifts taking place. This is the most powerful series I have ever come across. I could not believe during one replay, while taking a break from work at my office, that I instantly received healing of 3rd chakra issues that have kept me blocked since adolescence. It was so powerful that right there and then I felt the Earth star energy infuse my 3rd chakra and was able to RECEIVE for the first time in a very long time. I have done a lot of energy work since October 2012 to open and balance chakras that were blocked and my 3rd chakra issues just could not be cleared...until today!! Thank you so much for this incredible work and gift you are sharing with the world. May the universe continue to abundantly bless you.


Went from experiencing sadness & depression into joy just with one call...

Hi Eram, I went from heartache to joy in one phone call today. I cannot express enough gratitude to you and the speaker... I wanted to listen to it as I cannot even explain what happened to me ...Crazy, wow inexplicable. I tune in faithfully and rely on the work that you do by providing this summit (without which) my life is in shambles.


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