Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master™ with Janet Doerr

Live Session | 4th June 11 Am EST/8 AM PST

Mastering Your Sensitivity for Energetic Well-being and Intuitive Growth with Janet Doerr

Are you an empath or highly sensitive person who feels overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of others?

Do you find yourself soaking up other people's thoughts and feelings, leaving you drained and exhausted?

Join Janet Doerr, Medical Intuitive and Master Energy Healer, for a transformative live session that will empower you with the tools and confidence to master your sensitivity and unlock your intuitive potential.

Come learn that being an empath is a profound gift! 

There are many simple and quick steps and energy tools to stop the overwhelm of perceiving everyone else’s thoughts and feelings, and an graceful path to develop mastery of your perceptive abilities.

In this exclusive session you will discover:

  • Many people feel overwhelmed with emotions and feelings when their empathic abilities open up.
  • Why you may find yourself soaking up other people's emotions and thoughts.
  • How having a morning energy routine will help you keep your energy field clear all day.
  • How to prevent coming home exhausted after being with others and why it is so important to create your home sanctuary.
  • The angels you can call upon to help you keep your energy clear.
  • Why you may find yourself a magnet for entities, energy vampires, and non-physical beings and how to establish and maintain strong energy boundaries.

Special Bonus When YOu Attend This Transformational Session

Laser Intuitive Insights from Janet Doerr

As a special bonus for attending the live call, you'll have the opportunity to ask Janet your questions and receive laser intuitive insights tailored to your unique situation. Gain clarity and guidance on your personal journey as an empath or highly sensitive person, and learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with your heightened sensitivity.

Janet uses her multi-dimensional gifts to uncover and clear the root causes of her clients' health and life issues. By working with archangels, masters, goddesses, and Galactic beings, such as the Arcturians and Pleiadians, Janet empowers her clients to experience rapid shifts in health conditions, reductions in pain and anxiety, positive changes in relationships, and a newfound sense of peace and empowerment.

Transformational Session Date & Time:

4th June | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST


Janet Doerr

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What Janet's Clients Are Saying

“That was a beautiful clearing, Janet. Thank you! Very powerful.”


"Thank you, Janet.  The process you took us through cleared some stuff I didn't even know was still present. It felt so liberating to feel it all go.”


“I felt the portals all clear. Thanks for sharing the process. And thank you for sharing your Light!!!"


"It feels lighter and brighter here. This has been fantastic information and I am full of gratitude. Janet -- thank you so much!”


About Janet

Janet Doerr, Medical Intuitive and Master Energy Healer

Janet uses her multi-dimensional gifts to uncover and then clear the root cause of her client's health and life issues. Janet works with people in an empowering way to identify the underlying energies which can include suppressed emotion and limiting beliefs, ancestral energies, traumatic experiences, oaths and vows, and attached entities.

People who work with Janet report rapid shifts in health conditions, regaining a peaceful state, reductions in pain and anxiety, positive shifts in relationships, and feeling empowered.

To achieve these powerful transformations, Janet works with many beings in the non-physical realms including archangels, masters, goddesses, and Galactics, such as the Arcturians, and Pleiadians. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Janet Doerr and discover that being an empath is a profound gift! Join us for "From Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master™" and take the first step towards mastering your sensitivity and unlocking your intuitive potential.

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