Move Forward in Your Highest Timelines with Addison Ames

Live Session | 17th April 11 Am EST/8 AM PST

Heal Your Past, Liberate Your Present, Rewrite Your Life's Future with Addison Ames

Are you feeling stuck or limited by your past experiences and energies?

Do you yearn to break free from old patterns and create a new, intentional future?

What if you could access and maintain your own personal energetic timelines to transform your life?

Join internationally respected thought leader, coach, and consultant Addison Ames for a groundbreaking session that will change the way you perceive your life's journey.

In this powerful session, Addison will share his deep life knowledge and wisdom, helping you navigate life's changes, challenges, and opportunities while understanding yourself and the world around you in valuable ways.

In this exclusive session you will:

  • Discover your personal timelines and how they contain and organize your information throughout space and time.
  • Understand how old timelines can limit you and keep you from moving forward, including womb, ancestral, generational, or past life damage.
  • Learn how to clean, clear, heal, close, and collapse old timelines when you need to part ways with old energies.
  • Explore how opening new timelines can help you create a new life and intentionally build your future.
  • Recognize the power of active personal timeline maintenance in transforming your life.
  • Experience the transformational spiritual power of working with your own personal energetic timelines.
  • Develop a deep respect and honor for your personal timelines as part of the overall Universal architecture.

Special Bonus When YOu Attend This Transformational Session

Your Live Attendance Rewards:
Immersive Timelines Experience and
One-on-One Support from Addison

As a special gift for attending the live interview, Addison Ames will guide you through a powerful Timelines Activation Meditation, helping you connect with your timelines matrix.

This immersive experience will deepen your understanding of your personal energetic timelines and empower you to navigate them with greater ease and clarity.

Moreover, Addison loves working with callers and is eager to help you with anything that is showing up for you right now.

This is a unique opportunity to receive personalized guidance and support from Addison, so be sure to take him up on it!

Transformational Session Date & Time:

17th April | 11 AM EST/8 AM PST


Addison Ames

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What Addison's Clients Are Saying

“When I did timelines work with Addison, I experienced an instantly enlightening process that made immediate positive shifts in my mind, body and spirit."

Polo, Actor, Speaker

"Addison's guidance provided immediate relief and helped heal my relationship with my son."

Maria, Healer

“He taught me to move beyond doubts and make empowered life decisions."

Dr. Larry

"I feel like I have a better sense of direction and purpose in life."


About Addison

Addison Ames is an internationally respected thought leader, healer, coach and consultant. With his awakened insight and wisdom, he empowers people through life's changes, challenges and opportunities.

Addison's teachings blend profound spiritual knowledge with practical, real-world solutions. He guides individuals and organizations to unlock new levels of growth, success and personal mastery.

As an expert in the transformative power of personal energetic timelines, Addison helps clients heal core wounds, overcome limitations and activate their highest potential. His work allows people to liberate themselves from disempowering pasts and consciously create their most desired realities.

Whether working through beginning stages of healing or addressing advanced life challenges, Addison's guidance proves highly beneficial. He approaches all his work from a place of empowerment, encouragement and motivation.

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