As the Visionary Engagement Director at The Life Reawakened Show, Gretchen Pritts is at the helm of steering transformative journeys, combining her passion for change with a keen instinct for creating deeply engaging experiences. Living in Pennsylvania with her husband, Gretchen has gracefully transitioned into the season of being an empty nester, after their two sons spread their wings. This new chapter has not only brought more space for reflection and growth but also an opportunity to pour love into their spirited dog, Smoke, who firmly believes that "ball is life." This personal mantra of finding joy in the simple pleasures resonates through Gretchen's work, where she cultivates a platform that connects audiences with leading lights in healing and personal growth.

Her innovative approach and commitment to empowerment have transformed The Life Reawakened Show into a beacon of hope, guiding individuals towards joy, abundance, and happiness. Gretchen's ability to blend strategic vision with the warmth of community engagement ensures that every participant's journey is both profound and personal, mirroring her own life's philosophy of cherishing every moment and embracing transformation at every step.