Eram, the visionary behind From Heartache To Joy, is not only a pioneering host but also a transformative coach who has revolutionized the telesummit landscape. Through her groundbreaking coaching program, Telesummit Super Star Coaching, she has empowered over 150 healers, many of whom have risen to become superstars in their own right, sought after by other telesummits. For the past 11 years, Eram has been instrumental in nurturing a steady stream of trained healers, enriching the telesummit community with her expertise and guidance.

Driven by personal transformation after enduring a "dark night of the soul," Eram discovered her true calling: integrating Western self-development principles with Islamic values. Her powerful videos challenge societal norms and empower Muslim women to embrace their God-given rights, making her a sensation in the Indian subcontinent. With a mission to impact 100,000 Muslim women in 2024, Eram has entrusted the summit's reins to her trusted core members, the brilliant Gretchen Pritts and the dynamic Naila Razvi. Her dedication to empowering others and catalyzing positive change continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.