Originally from Boston, she now calls Florida home, drawn to its sunny beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Watching beach sunsets with her two adult children brings her immense joy, cherishing every moment spent together.

After facing tough times, she discovered the power of energy work and spirituality, finding healing and inner peace through various modalities. As a freelancer, she stumbled upon the summit world, eventually finding her place at FHTJ, where she found support and tools to support her journey. Grateful for the transformative experience, she now sees life through a more fulfilling lens, embracing contentment and tranquility.

Over the years, Chris has proven to be a top-notch customer support person at FHTJ, always responding to customers' needs and emails with politeness and professionalism. Her dedication to delivering top-notch service has solidified her reputation as an invaluable asset to the team, consistently exceeding expectations with her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.